Monday, October 21, 2013

When is Enough, Enough?

I grew up playing Monopoly with my family of 11 siblings & parents. 

During the wintertime, some of us played this game in the afternoon & early evenings.  Every one of us had the desire to win the game by having more cash, property deeds with houses & hotels than anyone else.  Whoever won the game had the title of being the Monopoly winner until next time it was played. 

During that fantasy time, in a dream like -childhood concept, winning & having everything you every wanted-wow!  Tic-Tock-Tic-Tock-time has flown by & I am 50 years plus.  Now I ask the question again in my life-when is enough enough?

  We have many things the Monopoly game has to offer, such as cars, boats, dogs, wheel barrels, house, irons, etc.

 So, I am wondering when you say you have enough.  Consider this:

Do an inventory on your stuff & “monopoly goods.”

Share the list with your loved ones & have them help you complete the list. 

Gather together and discuss what you might want to keep & sell, or throw or give away. 

Ask the question “are my needs & wants met?”

Simplify your life.  It may open the doors to grow with less … but more energy & time to do something other than “collect stuff?”

Now…. Tell me how you have said enough is enough. Share your story here….  

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Plan to Fail/Fail to Plan : News about My Program

 We have heard or read this phrase many times over in our lives.   

Plan to Fail –Fail Plan-Plan the day, plan for a new home or remodeling project, plan for your money, plan for a vacation, plan for a new business, plan to keep the federal government in operation, plan for a wedding. 

Plan-Plan-Plan-we know about planning because our communication broadcasting center such as social media & resources & a variety of tools & books provides us an opportunity to strategize, organize, take action on the word plan.

So, what will it look like if we took the time to plan our lives?  What does that look like regarding the limited amount of time one might have being alive.  Well, let’s take a common sense approach regarding this concept about a life plan. 

 1st, no one ever escapes death regardless who you are in this world-time is a precious commodity as you age.

 2nd, no one else has your DNA any-where in this world.

 3rd, you are unique human being & no one will ever be like you. 

4th, time is a non-renewable resource & yesterdays are history. 

5th, what time you are alive-guess what? you are with you- 24-7; so, why not take the time to be the authentic you & plan for a healthy & happy life.   

How you might ask yourself ?  Create a life plan to “Be the Authentic You & Plan for a Healthy & Happy Life” and I can help.  I have listed below what is included in my plan.   
· Questionnaire

· Telephone or In-Person Coaching Calls

· Life Style Assessment-Goal Setting Worksheet-Strength Finder 2.0 Assessment

· Email Communication between Sessions - Home Work to Support You in Achieving Your Goals & Resource Materials

· Prepare to Plan with a Life Style Tune Up                      

· Life Map to Plan & Prepare & Plan for Your Journey

· Life Style Assessment has 12 Arena’s with 10 questions per Arena
· This assessment gives a person a comprehensive overview of the areas that he or she is strong in & identifies those areas in which they need more preparation. 

· Life Arena’s listed below & facilitates discussion using powerful questions & exercise: 

· Be the Authentic You, Time, Goals, Life Purpose, Life Plan, Relationships, Spirituality, Career, Money, Health & Wellness, Leisure & Fun, Physical Environment (Stuff).    

· Be the Authentic You: Find your authentic power & discover your relationship between your personality & your higher self?

· Time: What is the return of investment of your time?  As you age, planning your
· time will be critical.

· Goals: Identifying your personal & professional goals determines whether or not your dreams will come true.                                   

· Life Purpose: Your life needs to clarify a legacy or life story that has meaning & purpose in your future lifetime.    

· Life Plan: The plan is a process that focuses on where you are right now & what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future.

· Relationships: Intimate Relationships: The closeness, connection, & emotional bond that a couple shares that will support throughout life transitions such as empty nest, loss of a love one, retirement.  Family & Friends: The quality & uniqueness of family members & close friends & how relationships affect one’s life.

· Spirituality: The way in which we are all connected to each other in different ways; what we do in this life will have an impact on others positively or negatively; & how our values are reflected in our daily lives.

· Career: Retirement as it relates to full time or part time work, entrepreneurial pursuits, volunteer activities. 

· Money: Relationship to money & the professional resources for financial planning. 

· Health & Wellness: The extent that you take personal responsibility for your mental, physical, social health & emotional well-being. 

· Life of Leisure & Fun: Exploring new activities or continuing current activities that create relaxation, pleasure, & a healthy attitude towards life.  These activities will include social interaction & solitary relaxation. 

· Physical Environment-(Stuff): How much or little you have regarding the stuff or belongings you have in your life? How organized is it & can you retrieve it in a timely manner? 

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Monday, September 30, 2013

You Should Have Been There

Over the course of my life, I heard this phrase several different times – you should have been there.  

 When you think about being there such as purchasing the right lotto ticket-winning the million dollar jack pot, going fishing in the back waters-catching an endless amount of fish, participating in a social event that was a rip roaring good time, having a homemade meal that your mother made & reminded you of the good times of growing up. 

 In life we can’t be here, there, everywhere, we are only at one place & space at a time.  Yet, we get in a re-active mode & many times regret that we should have been there. 

 Well, it’s possible to change that phrase & turn it around & by saying I am here at this time & fully living in the present moment. 

 I have attached a George Carlin video regarding the philosophy of old age. Always remember, that we all will continue to age & life isn’t over until our last heart beat doesn’t tick anymore-so-try to enjoy every ticking moment!  (enlarge to full screen to appreciate the video)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Be or Not to Be- the Authentic You

So many lives have passed before us & newborn lives are born every day; yet, we all have something in common,  that is our own DNA.   

No one else has your DNA except you.  Therefore, your DNA is a gift to the universe, no one else from the past, present, or future will have the same one.  So, it seems to make common sense to bring out your uniqueness & authentic you since there will never be anyone exactly like you.   

However, I like many of us might find it difficult to accept ourselves to be authentic.  For me, I grew up with a family of 11 siblings & was smack between my 6 brothers.  For such a long time, I wanted to be more like them & not myself.  As I have learned a few critical lessons in life.  One lesson is to accept & appreciate the one you are with 24-7-that’s you!

 We are with thy-self 24-7 from birth to death, why not to be the authentic you?  So, how can you become more authentic, I want to offer you few insight tips to bring out your greatest present in life-the authentic you! 

Being Authentic
When someone asks me how to be authentic, it’s kind of like telling them not to do anything they don’t want to do.  Do the things they really want to do & be honest in their communication.  However, sometimes a message like that isn’t enough to get the point across.

I. Accept who & where you are
Who’s Who, we need to identify ourselves from the inside out & not from the outside in. 

As soon as we accept who we are, what stage we are in life, what we truly know or feel it to be, then all that staging stops.  As Popeye, the cartoon character said many time over, I am what I am & that’s all that I am.   

If you are constantly looking to better yourself through things that society makes us believe will improve our status, then we will constantly be looking to get the approval of others.  As soon as you are happy with yourself, you have no reason to act in ways that seek approval.

            II. Express yourself & not someone else

           If you like something, then express that.  
           If you want to do something, then do it not to impress 
           others or fit-in  make it an expression of who are.   
           Some may like & others may not, be true to you!

III. Be human
At the end of the day, being authentic is simply about being your-self, & being yourself is being human.  It is in our nature to be honest, expressive & caring.  It is in our nature to have likes & dislikes & be confident enough to share what they are.

It is also in our nature to stand up for ourselves & what we believe in, because ultimately, our beliefs are completely unique in the universe.

If you want success in any areas of your life, people have to be able to connect with you on all levels-personally & professionally. 

 Once we accept who we are at our core, it’s only natural for us to have all the qualities of somebody who is authentic.
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Are We Busy Doing & Having & Not Being

Over the course of my life, it seems our society is getting to be busy at work & home. 

Flying in one door & out the other, going here & there, traveling to another event or activity-busy-busy-we seem to like being busy. 

Sometime, we may have to ask ourselves why being so busy is a good thing-many times than not it brings chaos, 911’s, stress, anxiety, depression. 

 Overall, I think being busy might be a good thing in moderation & dividing your time among every day demands of your family, employment, community, church, & yourself.  Yet, I do believe one needs to be reminded that we are 1st a human being & that is a good thing & knowing, doing & having is part of life’s package.

 So, how can we have more time to live a more balanced life style & just be a being? 

You might consider the following insight tips:

1. Think about what you are currently doing with your time & how you can do a better job managing it?

2. Include a physical fitness activities which will give you strength, endurance, & flexibility to go about you day with ease.

3. Do a daily mediation practice which allows you to reconnect with you inner spirit & know that it’s always present-24-7 including the holidays! 

4. Say “No,” more than “Yes,” ; because, yes requires more of your energy. 

5. Take a time out & catch your breath & just laugh about something.  


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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When do you live the best time of your life?

Over the course of my life journey, I always wanted to know what it was
 like to be there!
 There, when, I am married to the right spouse, living in the beautiful home, million of dollars in the bank, embarking on an ocean cruise, when my body was in great shape & I could lift double my weight, engaged in a special relationship with the divine. 

What, I listed here are a few examples of what I wanted in my life & may be similar to yours. Yet, I realize that time events, activities, incidents can dramatically alter your course in life. 

For me, it was April 10, 2011 @ 9:20 A.M.; I heard from family that my youngest brother Kevin died from a heart attack throughout the night.  Kevin was the 1st of the 12 siblings to pass on to the other side.  That death, change my life forever, I started to look @ every moment to be more precious than the one before knowing that Kevin didn’t get any more.  At that time, I realize that Kevin is there! 

So, I believe living the best time of our life is right now.  It’s not when I get there next week, month, or years from now, it’s capitalizing, making the best of every minute you’re alive.  How? You might ask?

1st, Forgive yourself for the unforgiving baggage of yesterdays.
2nd, Create a bucket list of your dreams you want to accomplish in your lifetime. 
3rd, Reach out to a family or friend this week & get reconnected instead of waiting to the end of the year around Christmas time.
4th, Take a nature walk & get in touch with the natural surroundings of nature. 
5th, Hop on board & do an extraordinary act for someone you love or care about this week.

Live & Love Life in the Moment!
~ Dan

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Monday, August 26, 2013

What is the Return of Investment of Your Time?

Hi Friends!
My Name is Dan, I am a life-transitions coach, and I wanted to reach out to all of you, in a new way for me, to make contact, meet new people, and share my thoughts. It is my hope that I can help you to clarify, renew, remind, remember and refresh. 
Here is my first post..... I hope you enjoy being part of the adventure with me....
 What is the Return of Investment of Your Time?

Well, let’s 1st realize that time is a non-renewable resource & no one gets any more in a day than anyone else providing you are alive.   Whether you are a President of a Company or a University, CEO, Labor, Service Provider, New Born Baby, Retiree; it really doesn’t matter who you are? You get the same amount- wherever you are around the world-1440 moments every day-wow!
So, how do you capitalize on time in order to get a great return of investment?
1st. You may consider planning your time in one day compartments.
2nd, You may want to consider the value of time & live in the present moment knowing that you are not guaranteed to be alive tomorrow.
3rd You may want to take a time out sometime throughout the day & play.
4th You may want to write out 5 things you are grateful for in your life.
5th, You may want to do an act of kindness that will bring joy & happiness to someone that is less fortunate than you.

Live & Love Life & Live in the Moment!