Monday, October 21, 2013

When is Enough, Enough?

I grew up playing Monopoly with my family of 11 siblings & parents. 

During the wintertime, some of us played this game in the afternoon & early evenings.  Every one of us had the desire to win the game by having more cash, property deeds with houses & hotels than anyone else.  Whoever won the game had the title of being the Monopoly winner until next time it was played. 

During that fantasy time, in a dream like -childhood concept, winning & having everything you every wanted-wow!  Tic-Tock-Tic-Tock-time has flown by & I am 50 years plus.  Now I ask the question again in my life-when is enough enough?

  We have many things the Monopoly game has to offer, such as cars, boats, dogs, wheel barrels, house, irons, etc.

 So, I am wondering when you say you have enough.  Consider this:

Do an inventory on your stuff & “monopoly goods.”

Share the list with your loved ones & have them help you complete the list. 

Gather together and discuss what you might want to keep & sell, or throw or give away. 

Ask the question “are my needs & wants met?”

Simplify your life.  It may open the doors to grow with less … but more energy & time to do something other than “collect stuff?”

Now…. Tell me how you have said enough is enough. Share your story here….  

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