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About Dan
In addition to lifestyle transitional coaching, I have worked for the Johnson and Jackson County Departments of Health as an Environmental Health Specialist since 1975. Not only has my experience in this field taught me how to set up action steps towards achieving goals, but it developed in me a passion for helping others to live happier, healthier and more productive lives. After graduating from the Coach's Training Institute, I was able to refine these skills into a lifestyle transitioning coaching career that enables me to directly influence those who are determined to see change in their lives.
This career has played a strong role in my own life as well. My awakening to choose the path of lifestyle transition coach was in 2011. In that same year I lost my brother, Kevin and a grade school friend, Kevin. Both died suddenly, both were baby-boomers. This made me realize that no one knows the amount of time that we have to be alive. Since I can personally relate, I wanted to offer my knowledge and experiences to fellow baby-boomers.
My wife, Shelley, and I have two sons and currently live near Lake MacBride in Solon, Iowa. Some of my passions include worshiping, family outings, playing cards, boating and traveling.

  • Member of Iowa International Coaching Foundation
  • Graduate of The Coach's Training Institute as a Life Coach.
  • Invented the 4 dimensional “Aliveness Wheel” coaching tool.
  • Co-created an adult learning course at Kirkwood Community College entitled, "Get It Together Now."
  • Degree in Environmental Health Science.
  • Employed by the Johnson County and Jackson County. Departments of Health as an Environmental Health Specialist since 1975.
  • Coordinated and promoted the Iowa Environmental Heath Association's First Iowa Environmental Health Handbook.
  • Association for Conflict Resolution Mediation Certificate.
  • Dale Carnegie Course Certificate of Achievement.
  • Time Management and Organizational Skills Course Certificate of Merit.
 Available for Group Presentations and One on One coaching in Person in Solon, IA or World-wide via Skype!

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