Monday, September 30, 2013

You Should Have Been There

Over the course of my life, I heard this phrase several different times – you should have been there.  

 When you think about being there such as purchasing the right lotto ticket-winning the million dollar jack pot, going fishing in the back waters-catching an endless amount of fish, participating in a social event that was a rip roaring good time, having a homemade meal that your mother made & reminded you of the good times of growing up. 

 In life we can’t be here, there, everywhere, we are only at one place & space at a time.  Yet, we get in a re-active mode & many times regret that we should have been there. 

 Well, it’s possible to change that phrase & turn it around & by saying I am here at this time & fully living in the present moment. 

 I have attached a George Carlin video regarding the philosophy of old age. Always remember, that we all will continue to age & life isn’t over until our last heart beat doesn’t tick anymore-so-try to enjoy every ticking moment!  (enlarge to full screen to appreciate the video)

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