Sunday, September 22, 2013

Be or Not to Be- the Authentic You

So many lives have passed before us & newborn lives are born every day; yet, we all have something in common,  that is our own DNA.   

No one else has your DNA except you.  Therefore, your DNA is a gift to the universe, no one else from the past, present, or future will have the same one.  So, it seems to make common sense to bring out your uniqueness & authentic you since there will never be anyone exactly like you.   

However, I like many of us might find it difficult to accept ourselves to be authentic.  For me, I grew up with a family of 11 siblings & was smack between my 6 brothers.  For such a long time, I wanted to be more like them & not myself.  As I have learned a few critical lessons in life.  One lesson is to accept & appreciate the one you are with 24-7-that’s you!

 We are with thy-self 24-7 from birth to death, why not to be the authentic you?  So, how can you become more authentic, I want to offer you few insight tips to bring out your greatest present in life-the authentic you! 

Being Authentic
When someone asks me how to be authentic, it’s kind of like telling them not to do anything they don’t want to do.  Do the things they really want to do & be honest in their communication.  However, sometimes a message like that isn’t enough to get the point across.

I. Accept who & where you are
Who’s Who, we need to identify ourselves from the inside out & not from the outside in. 

As soon as we accept who we are, what stage we are in life, what we truly know or feel it to be, then all that staging stops.  As Popeye, the cartoon character said many time over, I am what I am & that’s all that I am.   

If you are constantly looking to better yourself through things that society makes us believe will improve our status, then we will constantly be looking to get the approval of others.  As soon as you are happy with yourself, you have no reason to act in ways that seek approval.

            II. Express yourself & not someone else

           If you like something, then express that.  
           If you want to do something, then do it not to impress 
           others or fit-in  make it an expression of who are.   
           Some may like & others may not, be true to you!

III. Be human
At the end of the day, being authentic is simply about being your-self, & being yourself is being human.  It is in our nature to be honest, expressive & caring.  It is in our nature to have likes & dislikes & be confident enough to share what they are.

It is also in our nature to stand up for ourselves & what we believe in, because ultimately, our beliefs are completely unique in the universe.

If you want success in any areas of your life, people have to be able to connect with you on all levels-personally & professionally. 

 Once we accept who we are at our core, it’s only natural for us to have all the qualities of somebody who is authentic.
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