Friday, September 6, 2013

Are We Busy Doing & Having & Not Being

Over the course of my life, it seems our society is getting to be busy at work & home. 

Flying in one door & out the other, going here & there, traveling to another event or activity-busy-busy-we seem to like being busy. 

Sometime, we may have to ask ourselves why being so busy is a good thing-many times than not it brings chaos, 911’s, stress, anxiety, depression. 

 Overall, I think being busy might be a good thing in moderation & dividing your time among every day demands of your family, employment, community, church, & yourself.  Yet, I do believe one needs to be reminded that we are 1st a human being & that is a good thing & knowing, doing & having is part of life’s package.

 So, how can we have more time to live a more balanced life style & just be a being? 

You might consider the following insight tips:

1. Think about what you are currently doing with your time & how you can do a better job managing it?

2. Include a physical fitness activities which will give you strength, endurance, & flexibility to go about you day with ease.

3. Do a daily mediation practice which allows you to reconnect with you inner spirit & know that it’s always present-24-7 including the holidays! 

4. Say “No,” more than “Yes,” ; because, yes requires more of your energy. 

5. Take a time out & catch your breath & just laugh about something.  


Attribution Some rights reserved by lisadragon


  1. I LOVE NUMBER 4!! Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Thanks for your comment Lexie! Yes, Ol' number 4 needs to be written down sometimes. right?