Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When do you live the best time of your life?

Over the course of my life journey, I always wanted to know what it was
 like to be there!
 There, when, I am married to the right spouse, living in the beautiful home, million of dollars in the bank, embarking on an ocean cruise, when my body was in great shape & I could lift double my weight, engaged in a special relationship with the divine. 

What, I listed here are a few examples of what I wanted in my life & may be similar to yours. Yet, I realize that time events, activities, incidents can dramatically alter your course in life. 

For me, it was April 10, 2011 @ 9:20 A.M.; I heard from family that my youngest brother Kevin died from a heart attack throughout the night.  Kevin was the 1st of the 12 siblings to pass on to the other side.  That death, change my life forever, I started to look @ every moment to be more precious than the one before knowing that Kevin didn’t get any more.  At that time, I realize that Kevin is there! 

So, I believe living the best time of our life is right now.  It’s not when I get there next week, month, or years from now, it’s capitalizing, making the best of every minute you’re alive.  How? You might ask?

1st, Forgive yourself for the unforgiving baggage of yesterdays.
2nd, Create a bucket list of your dreams you want to accomplish in your lifetime. 
3rd, Reach out to a family or friend this week & get reconnected instead of waiting to the end of the year around Christmas time.
4th, Take a nature walk & get in touch with the natural surroundings of nature. 
5th, Hop on board & do an extraordinary act for someone you love or care about this week.

Live & Love Life in the Moment!
~ Dan

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